Monster Riot

Welcome to Monster Riot, the home of collabrative duo Catherine McDaid and Jason Ruddy. Here you'll find some delightful illustrations and handmade creatures. Just click on the lovely links and soak it all up!


7th April 2012
Site updated with new images and stuff!

22nd January 2012
Happy New Year! Oops! Been a wee few months since we last updated our news. Lots to report but we'll keep it short. We've been very busy and it's been paying off as we've had our first Threadless tee printed, created numberous tutorials in the lovely Digital Artist magazine and our Yeti has also been to New York and Paris. Phew! It has indeed been a busy few months and hopefully 2012 will bring us more of the same. If you want up to the date news follow either our Blog, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (we're a bit better and keeping those up to date!)

5th September 2011
Welcome one and all to our new website! As you can see there's been a few changes compared to the last one (like the absence of Flash for a start!). We now have our very first shop, you may notice it only has four items for sale - well we plan to work on that by having some prints, greetings cards, stickers and all other sorts of quirky items in it over the next few months (just in time for Christmas!). And if you'll be so kind to check back once and awhile, the site will always have new bits and bobs. So go forth and explore (and let us know what you think!). Thanks for visiting!
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